Few people fight for mountain biking trails with the level of passion Woody Keen brings to his advocacy. After specializing in climbing-related endeavors for the first 16 years of his paid career and concurrently serving as an active advocate for trail creation and sports in his free time, Keen shifted his professional focus entirely over to trails in 2002 when he founded Trail Dynamics, a design-build firm focused on innovation and sustainability. Keen served as president there until he moved on to found Trail Wisdom, a trail consulting firm focused on education, in January 2013. Along the way, Keen served on the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s board of directors for six years and as president of the Professional TrailBuilders Association, and he continues to be an active local advocate for trails and outdoor recreation in western North Carolina. His impact can be felt on the countless trails he has worked on in 25 states, 2 Canadian Provinces, Grand Cayman and Scotland.

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